Why won’t Medicare cover dental, hearing or vision expenses?

Why won’t Medicare cover dental, hearing or vision expenses?
February 17 01:00 2016

The failure of Medicare to cover most dental, hearing and vision expenses is perhaps its greatest failing. Other critics might point to the fact that it does not cover long-term care expenses either. And my favorite personal rant is reserved for its failure to cover nearly all medical expenses incurred outside the United States, even though such care these days is often superior and much cheaper than in the U.S. These omissions have been in place since Medicare was created in 1965, so it’s not as if some new problem has emerged. What has become clearer, however, is that huge and growing numbers of seniors face substantial dental, hearing and vision expenses. Failure to receive adequate care in any of these areas will eventually have a big impact on overall health care and thus on health claims that Medicare does cover.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the talk in Washington these days is about how to restrain Medicare expenses, not add to them. Until we have a working Congress again and more acceptance of the legitimate needs of our aging population, I just don’t see Medicare’s serious coverage omissions being reversed…

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