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Universal Health Care

Why Healthcare Costs More in the US than Europe

Healthcare in the US famously costs more and delivers less – less coverage per person, fewer people covered – with less to show for it than in Europe. The total

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Universal health care is doable for far less cost – but at a political price

When the Legislature reconvenes and the campaigns for governor heat up next year, Californians will be hearing a lot – and a lot of hot air – about universal health

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The Future of Universal Health Care Is Medicaid

Because John McCain landed the final blow, he has gotten the lions’ share of credit for killing the Republican health care bill, a “skinny” repeal that would have eliminated Obamacare’s

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Medicaid Is the Future of American Health Insurance

While liberals often say that their ultimate goal in health care is “Medicare for all,” the current debate over the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act should show

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