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Tag "Health and Credit Score"

How medical debt can affect your credit score

Your credit score is important. If you want to buy a house, get a new credit card or even apply for a job, you should expect that someone will take

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Managing Medical Expenses: How To Prevent Medical Bills From Ruining Your Credit

A recent Bankrate poll illustrated that 23 percent of those surveyed fear running out of money after retirement. Twenty-eight percent of all surveyed stated that medical expenses in particular will

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Medical Bills on Your Credit Report: Everything You Need to Know

A serious illness or injury can be very disruptive. Aside from healing, you’ll likely be overwhelmed for a little while as you try to put your work and family life

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How Unpaid Medical Debts Affect Credit Scores

A hospital made a mistake and put hospital bills into my name while I am still under 21 and they went into collections and I was unaware. It dropped my

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Credit alert! Unpaid medical bills hurt scores

Medical bills are different—they can cause serious and long-term financial problems. If you make a credit card purchase, you know how much you’ve spent and what the interest rate will

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Can I Stop a Medical Bill from Going to Collections?

Unexpected medical bills can often lead to crippling debt. And if you’re not able to pay the debt, it can lead to even more complications if the debt is sent

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