Why having health insurance is better than paying penalties

Why having health insurance is better than paying penalties
May 17 01:00 2016

Millions of Americans pay a penalty because they don’t have health insurance.

Some feel the penalty is cheaper than the insurance, but 7 On Your Side reports why this is not a good idea.

A San Francisco woman who received expanded coverage under the Affordable Care Act knows firsthand the importance of health insurance. She says she owes her life to the expanded coverage.

Shipra Shukla swings herself upright onto the trapeze at the Circus Center in San Francisco. It’s a move known as the “pike to seat.”

Back in 2014, Shukla feared she had suffered a trapeze-related injury.

“I was just sitting around one day. Felt one shoulder, felt the other and I’m like one shoulder feels a little different,” she said.

She went to see the doctor, expecting to be diagnosed with a shoulder strain. After weeks of testing, her doctor told her she had cancer.

“It was hard for me to believe because I just felt like I feel, so healthy, how could this be possible?” Shulka recalled.

If it had been a year earlier, Shukla said she wouldn’t have seen a doctor because she couldn’t afford it…

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