The Dangers of Medical Tourism – A Growing Problem

The Dangers of Medical Tourism – A Growing Problem
November 16 01:00 2015

The Dangers of Medical Tourism - A Growing Problem

The desire to lose weight and change bad habits can be one that takes people down an unsafe path.

Bariatric surgery in the United States is a safe procedure with proven results. The operation removes or confines part of the stomach, which in turn only allows a certain percentage of food and calories to be consumed leading to weight loss

This surgery can be expensive. That cost can push many to find a cheaper procedure south of the border with sometimes devastating results, particularly with one doctor.

From San Diego to Tampa, Florida and even north to Canada, more and more news reports across the country come out about cheap weight loss surgery gone wrong in Tijuana, Mexico. A portion of patients facing severe complications.

“We have reports all over the country, in fact we found scores of reports in the Southern California area and Texas of patients who have not done well or ended up in a coma or death,” Lafayette Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Phillip Gachassin said.

Dr. Gachassin says doctors here in Louisiana are seeing a rise in patients looking to fix mistakes made in Mexico.

“They’re seeking care anywhere they can, they think they can afford.”

He say that want to be thinner, and most insurance providers in Louisiana not covering this surgery, pushes people into desperate situations.

A quick internet search will bring you Weight Loss Agents. It’s a site that will schedule your surgery with Dr. Mario Almanza…

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