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Tag "Medical Debt"

Debt Collectors Sue Over Medical Bills as Small as $60

Two years ago, the president of Credit Management Services, a collection agency in Grand Island, Nebraska, presented a struggling local family with the keys to a used 2007 Mercury Grand

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Obamacare Seems to Be Reducing People’s Medical Debt

Even if you lack health insurance, you’ll probably be able to get treatment at a hospital in the event of a catastrophe — if you’re struck by a car, say.

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How medical debt can affect your credit score

Your credit score is important. If you want to buy a house, get a new credit card or even apply for a job, you should expect that someone will take

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How Unpaid Medical Debts Affect Credit Scores

A hospital made a mistake and put hospital bills into my name while I am still under 21 and they went into collections and I was unaware. It dropped my

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