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Tag "Health care costs in Florida"

New tool to help Floridians learn more about healthcare prices

Consumers skeptical about the real cost of healthcare will soon have a resource where they can ask and share with their neighbors the price of common medical procedures. Starting Thursday,

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Florida Bill Would Allow Patients To Know Healthcare Costs Up Front

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has made health-care cost transparency a priority this year, and a Northeast Florida lawmaker is sponsoring a version of Scott’s vision. Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island)

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Florida employers face 4.7% rise in health insurance costs

A study from Mercer Health & Benefits LLC shows that Florida employers are expecting to pay more for health care coverage in 2016. Specifically, 99 large and small companies in

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Miami lawmaker pushes bill to ban unexpected medical charges for emergency services

Like most patients, Robert Delfino did what his doctor told him: Go to the hospital for an outpatient cardiac procedure to determine the cause of his heart condition. Delfino, 54,

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A record 4 million Floridians on Medicaid raises questions about Scott’s Economic Recovery

Florida is hitting a milestone this year that may raise questions about the depth of the state’s economic recovery under Gov. Rick Scott. A record more than 4 million Floridians

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Gov. Scott explains his claims about hospital pricing

Anyone who’s ever spent time in the hospital can attest to the confusion, and occasional terror, that accompany a reading of their medical bills. Gov. Rick Scott declared this week

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